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Disability & Mental Health Consulting

I am an experienced consultant, project manager and coordinator for grants and community programs that impact the lives of people with disabilities and mental illness in a variety of ways. I have experience working in cross-disability topics from technical to sensitive with a keen respect for confidential information.

I’ll organize, present to and facilitate self-advocate and service provider focus groups, provide PR and marketing to rally community participation around community and organizational initiatives, as well as provide leadership to the grant execution process. Other services include interviewing and assisting in the screening process of other key players integral to the scope of the project.

I am particularly skilled in grants and programs with a focus on self-advocacy, mental health advocacy, breaking stigma, social inclusion, social development and sexuality education initiatives, educating medical professionals about medical care accessibility and holistic, patient-centered approaches, customized employment and microenterprise creation, community capacity building and maximizing self-advocacy efforts, self-determination, person-centeredness vs. consumer-controlled concepts and group organizing.

My unflagging dedication to self-advocacy and support of healthy relationships and social development can be seen on the N.C. Relationships Initiative, where I was a lead program consultant, self-advocate group discussion leader across four regions, parent and provider presenter and collaborated with people with disabilities statewide to create A Credo for Meaningful Relationships. This credo provides a strong voice for self-advocates expressing their wants and needs to loved ones and staff about how best to support and teach them about healthy, safe friendships and relationships.

Further, I have served as an Advocacy Ambassador for the Western Region of North Carolina with the 2013-2014 N.C. Advocacy Ambassador Initiative, funded by the North Carolina Council on Developmental Disabilities and administered by Mike Mayer of Community Resource Alliance.

I have also collaborated with the Spina Bifida Collaborative Care Network under a grant collaborative between Spina Bifida Association, Centers for Disease Control and University of South Carolina’s Disability and Research Dissemination Network to enhance the lives of people with spina bifida across the life span.

No matter the issue or challenge, I provide my own #beyondlimits spin to motivate you to reach beyond any obstacle — whether that challenge is real or perceived, systemic or individual.

Accessibility Planning and Management for Your Next Project

My consulting tool kit includes several types of highly effective services for both individuals and groups. Check out the topics below to find areas where my expertise can greatly increase your personal success, or your organization’s efficiency and knowledge in key growth areas.

Accessibility and Inclusion Planning

I am often called upon to assist businesses, municipal planners and educational communities in the planning stages of building and renovating environments so they are more accessible to people with disabilities.

I work with individuals and groups to develop checklists, and conduct walk and roll-through reviews to ensure that sites are in compliance with disability-focused provisions and designed to maximize the letter and the spirit of equal access and inclusion for all. This is a passion in my #beyondlimits work.

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