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Life Beyond Limits Coaching

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Life Coaching for Women with Disabilities and Other Challenges

Don’t let the circumstances of your life keep you from living life. Start Living A Life Beyond Limits!

“The end for a caterpillar is the beginning of the butterfly. With or without your consent, everything changes. Go with it! Make the best of it! And always remember, the best is yet to come.”
– Michael Josephson

For women living with a disability (or even women paralyzed by fear and negative self-talk), life can feel overwhelming at times. It can seem like you have no control over your own destiny. If your life feels like one big series of roadblocks with an endless supply of challenges waiting to knock you off course, it’s time to make some changes. That’s where I come in to help!

Hands clasped in collaborationLife Beyond Limits Coaching®  works specifically for women with disabilities and mental health challenges, as well as female disabled veterans, becoming your life’s guide and help you navigate your way out of a life that feels overwhelming into a life you feel passionate about living again. Anyone who has experienced a trauma, who collaborates with the right Disability Life Coach, can virtually count on shifting their life’s potential into reality.

As an authentic Life Beyond Limits Coach® , I am not only the survivor of personal obstacles, struggles and trauma, but the loved one of other survivors. And, despite the daily challenges I face on my own and with my family members, I have found ways to thrive.  In other words, I have “walked the walk”. In my case, I roll my role of The Life Beyond Limits Coach®  (and Inclusionista) as a vibrant amputee on wheels.  With that genuine experience, there is no doubt that I understand difficulty and know what tools it takes to live above and beyond life’s obstacles — especially as an empowered woman.

My technique, from a woman’s unique perspective, combines very personal knowledge of disability, chronic illness, mental health and other challenges with practical information, tackling life challenges from all directions. I use proven coaching techniques – and a little bit of humor when you need it – to help you move past life’s obstacles and into your own version of a Life Beyond Limits™. Women without disabilities, too, find in me a worthy ally in creating an action plan to tear away their fears and negative self-talk and create their own version of a life, love, work or business #beyondlimits.

Change is hard, whether you have an actual disability, mental health diagnosis or are simply feeling paralyzed into inaction by your negative self-talk and fears. Sometimes you may be so busy working your way around the roadblocks that you can’t see your own role in creating them or your power to truly break free. Learning how to make positive changes and figuring out which changes will have the most impact on you are key components to living your best life, enjoy a deeper love or search for your dream career on your own terms. Let me help you become your own best self-advocate and the woman you were meant to be, personally or professionally.

Jumbled together we’re a mouthful of labels: Mom, single mom, struggling grad student, disabled veteran, tireless advocate, American, citizen of the world, liberal or conservative, solopreneur, religious, spiritual, rebel, disabled or chronically ill, in recovery, procrastinator, perfectionist, traditional, God’s beautiful mess, newlywed, married lady, single gal, widow or divorcee,  interracial, lesbian, transgender woman, idealist, pessimist, steampunker, tree huggin’ hippie chick, reluctant (or passionate) feminist….

Each one of these labels, among others,  is accurate for many of you, but none are the sole definition of YOU to your very core. Used singularly or even negatively, they limit who you are destined and long so badly to be. The hard path of self-defeating beliefs you cling to have been painful, while others’ ideas about who you are have also been smothering, dull, soul-sucking. So why not let them go and wriggle out from under the incorrect labels and defeating beliefs? The stigma and discomfort from labels assigned by others who don’t really know you has been painful, too. Unpack your true self by blowing the lid off of who you really are and who you truly long to be? Life Beyond Limits Coaching® can help women of ALL abilities and challenges, even women without obvious disabilities who feel boxed in by many of life’s challenges and labels.

Life Beyond Limits Coaching® will help you discover:

  • the things that matter to you most,
  • how to envision and build a life around your passions,
  • a practice of self-inquiry to work through limiting beliefs and labels that hold you back,
  • how to ask the right question to break down the obstacles and challenges around you,
  • peace in your life with less anxiety or fear, and
  • a deeper connection with the most important people in your life — including yourself!

Schedule your complimentary Life Beyond Limits Coaching® session and discover how I can help you to shift obstacles into opportunities and challenges into new chances, so you can live a full and vibrant life of your own.

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