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Family & Relationship Coaching

Coaching for Families of People with Disabilities and Interability Couples

Create closer relationships with your family and loved ones.

Everyone knows that it can be exhausting to support or take care of someone else day in and day out. What everyone doesn’t always realize is how exhausting it can be to be on the receiving end of that same care and support.

A disability can place its own unique stress on a family or intimate relationship, but it doesn’t have to.

Whether you have a disability, are the partner without a disability, have a different disability from your partner, or have a child with special needs, my family-focused life coaching can help clear your personal view of life, love, learning, laughter and leadership #beyondlimits and enhance your quality of life, deepen your relationships, and strengthen your connections and ability to effectively communicate with your loved ones and in advocacy situations.

As your Life Beyond Limits Coach®, I understand the paradox from both sides of the equation. Born with Spina Bifida, and now a vibrant amputee on wheels, I have spent a lifetime calibrating my own needs, determining what I can do #beyondlimits, and accepting help when necessary. When my boyfriend (and now husband) Bryan experienced a stroke that paralyzed him on his right side, I discovered my own capabilities as a caregiver #beyondlimits, and exactly how demanding that role can be.

“I learned a great deal about my abilities as a caregiver in spite of my own challenges during that time, and lessons about independence were replaced by lessons on interdependence. After rigorous rehabilitation, Bryan is now a strong survivor of a traumatic brain injury, and we’ve each had a really good look at what it’s like for the other person in our relationship.”
— Monica J. Foster

My goal as a Life Coach is to help each person nurture that spark within that encourages them to become a stronger advocate for both themselves and others, and allows them to see #beyondlimits of their circumstances to achieve the best life possible for everyone concerned. I know that no one is immune to challenges and obstacles, but I believe that when everyone has achieved the kind of understanding that allows them to move forward together, shattering the fear and limiting beliefs, there is no obstacle that can’t be overcome.

Schedule your complimentary Life Beyond Limits Coaching® session and learn how I can help you and your loved ones create the relationships you really want.

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